Termite Control and Inspection / Estimate
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Answers to your pest control questions about termites!

Why should I choose Mathis?

  • All of our technicians are state certified and are required to meet continuing education requirements to ensure that they stay up to date on the latest, most innovative pest control techniques and methods.
  • Our service technicians act with professionalism and courtesy at all times.
  • We promise to be prompt and punctual for all service appointments. We have a fast response time to service calls—even on Saturdays! We typically respond to a request for service within 24 hours of the call.
  • All of our service technicians will arrive in fully equipped service vehicle wearing a clean uniform that clearly indicates they are one of our employees.
  • We employ innovative, state-of-the-art pest control techniques and pest management programs.
  • Mathis Exterminating uses premium, environmentally friendly products such as baits and gels with low odor residuals for pest prevention and control.
  • Mathis is a full-service pest management company. We provide both residential and commercial services relating to pest control, termite control and rodent control.
  • You will find that we provide additional evaluation time in our prices and provide more comprehensive services and treatments than other companies.

Why should I hire a professional when I can try and do it myself?

  • We have the knowledge and skills to eliminate your pest problem quickly and efficiently using the most effective products and techniques.
  • Our highly trained technicians know more than just the best products to use, they also know everything about the pests they are exterminating and can strategize the best solution based on the specific habits, food/bait preferences, life cycles and desirable areas for each type of pest.
  • A professional exterminator knows how to safely handle and administer pest control products: when to apply them, where to apply them and how much to apply.
  • Our technicians use environmentally friendly products and are well versed in other non-toxic ways to control unwanted pests, including: habitat modification, the proper use of baits, exclusion techniques and growth regulators.
  • Hiring a Mathis professional technician to evaluate your property can actually prevent pests from entering your home before they become a problem.

How long after the initial treatment does it take to see results?

  • The exact amount of time will depend on the pest management strategy that Mathis decides is the best for your needs, but the results are usually pretty fast.
  • If you notice that the pests are not under control after the initial treatment, we will return to your home free of charge.
  • As long as you retain our services, we GUARANTEE that the pests will be excluded from your home.

Why are baits often more effective than sprays?

Baits are typically more effective than sprays because they do not require direct contact with the pest or insect. Instead, the target insect will take the bait back to their habitat where it will be spread throughout the entire colony. Furthermore, sprays tend to break down and dissipate faster than baits. The use of baits maximizes results and prevents the same insects from returning.

Why does Mathis Exterminating’s service focus on the outside of my home?

By focusing our exterminating services on the outside of your home, we stop the source of the problem. This prevents bugs and rodents from getting into your home and is much safer for you, your family and your pets. It is also more convenient for you, as we can perform our extermination services while you are not at home.

How can I tell the difference between a flying ant and a termite?

There are 3 easy ways to tell flying ants and termites apart:

Wing Size
The wings of termites are equal in length and extend beyond the tip of the abdomen. Flying ants, on the other hand, have unequal wing sizes and end at the abdomen.

Antennae Shape
The antennae on termites are straight, while those found on flying ants are elbowed.

Waist Size
The body of termites appears straight and streamlined, while ants have a pinched waist that gives them the appearance of different body sections.

Why are some types of ants, such as Odorous House ants, such problematic pests?

  • Odorous House ants can multiply at exponential rates because they have multiple queen colonies.
  • Odorous House ants enter through cracks and tunnel under slabs creating multiple points of penetration.
  • While pests with multiple entry points can be more problematic than others, but Mathis has a service strategy devised specifically to control Odorous House ants and draw their activity away from your home.

Why should I continue being on a Mathis program when I no longer seem to have pests?

  • Without ongoing maintenance and upkeep, pests are likely to return.
  • Changes in weather conditions and structural aging can create new opportunities for pests and rodents. Our technicians will routinely evaluate your home for potential problems and take the necessary measures to prevent them from ever occurring.
  • Preventative maintenance typically costs less in the long run than actual extermination techniques.