Annual Termite Treatment

Protect your largest investment with a Yearly Evaluation


Unfortunately, a termite problem is not one that is eradicated easily. Although you may successfully deal with the problem once, if your home is attractive to termites, you may find that they are a returning pest that can do significant damage and also affect the value of your home.

By investing in an annual contract with an exterminator, you are assured that any recurring problem can be dealt with efficiently and also is affordable. Having this protection is also a feather in your cap should you decide to sell your home, alleviating the buyer’s concerns about an unseen problem.

Signing an annual contract for termite protection can also save you money should additional treatment be required in the future.

Some steps that may prevent termites from taking up residence in your home and creating costly damage include:

  • Renewing your annual contract with an exterminator to ensure ongoing preventive measures and treatment of termites.
  • Eliminating likely locations for termites by maintaining your downspouts and gutters so any rain water is being discharged approximately 20 inches or more away from your foundation.
  • Any drainage from air conditioning units is directed away from your house.
  • Removing excess wood mulch or plants from your roof and keeping it in good repair, fixing any leaks as soon as they are apparent.
  • Removing wood stumps or other wooden debris from around your house.
  • Keeping the foundation of your home and any crawl spaces clear of wood such as lumber or firewood and also paper.