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Subterranean Termites

Family Rhinotermitidae

The small subterranean termite is easy to recognize once you have spotted one. Reproductive termites are about 3/8 inch long and have a brown or black body and gray wings, while soldiers are slightly bigger at 1/4 inch long and are white in color with a darker head and large black mandibles. Workers are the most common type of subterranean termite. They are only 3/16 inch long and uniformly gray or white.


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Termite colonies can be found as deep as 10-20 feet underground, and they may infest wood that is either dry or moist. They can penetrate cement slabs by entering through cracks, plumbing perforations, and other holes in the slab.

Some indications of termite infestation include damage to wood, insect swarms, sounds of tapping or rustling from inside the walls of a wooden structure, and the presence of shelter tubes around foundation walls or cracks.

Termites swarm yearly, generally in the late spring or early summer.