Project Description

Oriental Cockroach

(Blatta orientalis)

The Oriental cockroach has a glossy body that ranges in color from dark brown to black. The female cockroach appears to be wingless although she actually has two small, ineffective wings located slightly below her head. The male Oriental cockroach is narrower in width than the female and has long, brown wings that are sometimes capable of carrying a male for short distances.

[jbox title=”Interesting Fact”] The Oriental cockroach has been shown to carry a large number of disease causing organisms. This is due to its tendency to live in sewers and around decaying organic matter.[/jbox]

Oriental cockroaches grow to be around 1 inch in length.

The Oriental cockroach prefers habitats that are low to the ground and locations that are warm and wet. They are slow moving and produce a very distasteful odor. They prefer a diet high in starches but will eat just about anything. Oriental cockroaches often feed off of garbage, sewage, or any rotting organic material.

Oriental cockroaches are sometimes known as water bugs due to their preference for dark, damp places. Some of their favorite interior habitats include sewers and basements; especially areas around drains or other wet locations. Outdoor habitats include in and around bushes and ground cover and under leaves and mulch.