Project Description

German Cockroach

(Blatella germanica)

The male German cockroach has a more slender body than the female. Both sexes tend to be light brown with two dark streaks that run down their bodies.

[jbox title=”Interesting Fact”] German cockroaches frequently leave feces and secretions in food and food products. They can also carry disease-carrying organisms that can sicken humans or cause serious allergic reactions. Some studies have also indicated that humans that live in homes with large numbers of German cockroaches can suffer stress and altered behavior due to the stigma that is associated with a cockroach infestation.[/jbox]

German cockroaches grow to be about ½ inch in length.

German cockroaches are found throughout the United States. They only live for about 100 days but breed continuously throughout their lifecycle. They prefer starchy, sugary foods or grease and meat but may settle for soap, glue, or toothpaste if food is scarce. They have even been known to chew on the wings or legs of other German cockroaches when other food sources are not available.

German cockroaches tend to live exclusively near humans, especially in cold climates. Some studies have even shown that German cockroaches cannot survive in buildings without a central heating system in northern locations. They have a particular propensity to congregate in restaurants, food processing plants, motels, and nursing homes.