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Daddy Long Leg Spiders

(Family Pholcidae)

Daddy long legs are a gray to brown color. They contain banding and chevron marks. They are thin and fragile.

Daddy long legs are actually a lot smaller than they appear to be. A daddy long leg body is only about 1/10 – ½ – inch long. Their long legs can make them about 2 inches long.

[jbox title=”Interesting Fact”] An urban legend that has circulated for many years states that daddy long legs venom is more potent than any other spider. Although they are so venomous, their fangs are too short or weak to be able to bite through human skin. It is true that their fangs are short, but there is no evidence proving that their venom is toxic to humans.[/jbox]

Some species of daddy long legs will invade other spider’s webs to eat the other spider, their eggs, or even their prey. They mimic trapped prey by vibrating the other web. When the other spider comes out of their web tunnel to wrap their prey, the daddy long leg sprays the spider with its silk web. Next, the daddy long leg will bite the other spider to kill it with venom.

Daddy long legs are able to stay invisible to predators by vibrating in fast circular motions. Because they are so thin, it appears that they are a blur or are invisible, and the predator might pass right by them.

Indoors, a daddy long leg will make its web in the corner of the wall and ceiling. Outdoors, a daddy long leg will make its web inside a large tree hole or underneath a rock.


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