Project Description

Argentine Ants

Glossy exoskeleton; black or dark brown. Entire insect is one color.

Approximately 1/10 of an inch long (2.5 millimeters).

Like most ants, Argentine Ants will eat just about anything; favorite foods include meat, oil, sweet things, and even eggs. Argentine Ants have complex foraging habits and will explore multiple food sources before returning to the nest; most ant species will transport food in a direct line from the food source back to the nest. This particular food-seeking behavior makes it easy to distinguish Argentine Ants from other similar looking species.

[jbox title=”Interesting Fact”] A sure-fire way to identify an Argentine Ant is to step on it; you’ll notice a stale, musty scent.[/jbox]

Rotten wood, mulch, and loose soil are the preferred nesting spots of Argentine Ants. Since multiple queens may be present in a population, sub-colonies will be constructed adjacent to the main nest. Shallow mounds up to two inches high identify the entrances to an ant nest.


Argentine Ant Pest Control in Seattle