Project Description

American Cockroach

(Periplaneta americana)

Brown and red with a slightly yellow colored figure eight on the top of their heads.

Approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches long

[jbox title=”Interesting Fact”] American cockroaches can be a public health hazard. This is because they often live around human waste and disease and then travel into homes and commercial buildings. Studies have shown that American cockroaches can carry over 72 types of bacteria, virus, and fungi that have been identified as being capable of producing diseases in humans.[/jbox]

Also known as a water bug or palmetto bug, the American cockroach is a unique species of cockroach. They are excellent flyers and tend to congregate together out in the open instead of hiding in secluded cracks and crevices like other species of domestic cockroaches. American cockroaches typically live for approximately 600 days. During her lifetime, a female American cockroach can produce close to 150 offspring.

American cockroaches prefer warm, damp places. As a result, they are frequently found living near pipes and drains in sewers and basements.