Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Cimex lectularius Appearance Bed bugs are flat, oval shaped insects. They have vestigial front wings but no hind wings. As adults, bed bugs are light to reddish brown in color. Their abdomens appear to be banded because they're segmented and covered with microscopic hairs. [jbox title="Interesting Fact"] Bed bugs can be found all [...]


Ticks Family Ixodidae Appearance: Ticks are arachnids, which means that they share a number of physical characteristics with spiders. Adult ticks have eight legs and lack antennae. Different species can vary greatly in size and color, but their general appearance remains constant. Ticks are generally classified as "hard" or "soft". Hard ticks have a head [...]


Silverfish Lepisma saccharina(L.) Size & Appearance: What we commonly call a "silverfish" is a small, wingless insect and gets it's name from the silvery light grey and blue color, combined with the fish-like appearance of its movements. Silverfish two small compound eyes and are nocturnal insects. They are typically 13–30 mm (0.5–1 in) long, with [...]


Fleas Cimex lectularius(L.) Appearance: Fleas have a hard, polished body that is dark brown and red in color. They are also covered with hairs and small spines. Their bodies are flattened from side to side so that they can easily maneuver through the hair on a host's body. Size: Fleas usually only grow to be [...]


Crickets Orthoptera Appearance: There are two different kinds of crickets: field crickets and house crickets. Field crickets are slightly larger and black. They can grow to be 1 ¼ inches in length. House crickets, on the other hand are light brown and yellowish in color with three distinct dark brown stripes on their heads. House [...]


Beetles Beetles that attack stored-grain products or household food are also referred to as pantry pests or Stored Product Pests. Once beetles have established themselves inside a food product, the population can explode and move throughout the rest of the home quickly and without notice. Beetles often enter the home from the outdoors, as they [...]


Gnats Order Diptera(L.) Appearance: The tiny flying insects that you may see that we call "gnats" can be any of many species. Depending on species, gnats can be biting or non-biting and will feed on plants, other insects or blood. Most commonly gnats are simply fruit flies or fungus gnats. [jbox title="Interesting Fact"] Fungus gnats [...]

Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs Halyomorpha halys - brown marmorated stink bug Appearance They are various shades of brown on both the top and undersides, with gray, off-white, black, copper, and bluish markings. Markings unique to this species include alternating light bands on the antennae and alternating dark bands on the thin outer edge of the abdomen. The legs [...]