Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants (Tetramorium caespitum) Appearance These small ants have light colored antennae and legs and bodies that are light brown to black. Size Between 1/16 inch and 1/8 inch in length. Behavior Pavement ants are known for their large foraging groups; colonies can contain up to 30,000 members at one time. They feed on sweet [...]

White Footed Ants

White Footed Ants (Technomyrmex albipes) Appearance White-footed ants are very dark in color, typically black. The lower segment of their legs is quite pale, almost white. The light portion of their legs is what gives them their common name "white-footed" ants. Size This species of ant is very small. Generally they're only about 1/8 of [...]

Thief Ants

Thief Ants Appearance Thief ants are an incredibly small ant species that are generally yellow or brownish in color. They have very small eyes and very small stingers on their abdomen. Their abdomen and thorax are connected together by a two-segmented petiole. The worker thief ants have much larger jaws than other thief ants so [...]

Odorous Ants

Odorous Ants Appearance Plain dark brown or black. Size Odorous ants are between 1/16 and 1/8 inch in length. [jbox title="Interesting Fact"] When an odorous ant worker is stepped on, it gives off a pungent unpleasant smell similar to rotten coconuts. [/jbox] Behavior This social, highly prolific species of ant will live in colonies that [...]

Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) Appearance The ghost ant's pale color can make it difficult to spot. Its antennae, legs, and abdomen are white or whitish-yellow in color; spots of dull brown can be seen on their heads and thoraxes. Size Less than 1/16"; smaller than the tip of a ballpoint pen. [jbox title="Interesting Fact"] The [...]

Argentine Ants

Argentine Ants Appearance Glossy exoskeleton; black or dark brown. Entire insect is one color. Size Approximately 1/10 of an inch long (2.5 millimeters). Behavior Like most ants, Argentine Ants will eat just about anything; favorite foods include meat, oil, sweet things, and even eggs. Argentine Ants have complex foraging habits and will explore multiple food [...]

Fire Ants

Fire Ants (Solenopsis) Appearance You can recognize a fire art by its distinctive red body. A fire ant's coloring may be reddish black or reddish brown; its body has a dull surface. Unlike most ants, fire ants have a stinger that they use to hunt prey and defend themselves. Size Fire ants range in length [...]

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants Appearance The two species of Carpenter Ant act the same but look different. C. modoc has a body that's completely black with minute yellow hairs on its abdomen (last body portion). C. vicinus has a reddish-brown thorax (center body portion) and a black abdomen; this species may have black or reddish-brown legs. Size [...]