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Pest Control and Extermination Services in Kenmore WA

guarantee-logoWe offer ongoing pest control in Kenmore WA, as well as evaluate and estimate any damage that may have already been done. We check the foundation, between walls, and in every crevice that pests can hide. Once a detailed examination has been done, we go to work on a plan tailored to your specific needs. We use environmentally-friendly products that are both green and effective.

Our Kenmore pest control products are always updated to the latest pest control technology available. We aim to be tough on pests while maintaining minimal impact on humans, pets, and the surrounding environment. At Mathis Exterminating your health is our main priority.

Reasons to Hire MATHIS Exterminating

Homeowners and Businesses can benefit from hiring Mathis Exterminating, a Kenmore pest control service. Mathis Exterminating is a pest control company that you can trust to use the most cost effective, beneficial method to fully eradicate pests and rodents.

Exterminators and Pest Control Companies are one of the most used household and home services available in Kenmore WA. There are many Pest professionals you could call to help control and eliminate pests of all kinds.

  • #1 Residential or Commercial it takes a Custom Tailored Approach

    There are many species of insects and rodents that can choose to make a home or business the location of their nests. Different types of pests are best eliminated with different techniques. Each commercial building and residence presents its own unique set of challenges to provide effective pest control.

    Professional pest control specialists create complete a custom tailored plan for each extermination situation that is uniquely designed for the type of pest and the pests’ location. An everyday homeowner or business owner simply doesn’t have the knowledge and experience needed to create a similar plan with the one-size-fits-all DIY products on the market today.

  • #2 We offer a Higher Level of Safety for your Family or Employees vs DIY

    Most DIY products you can buy in a hardware store or home improvement center can be dangerous if used improperly. An exterminator knows how to safely use and target specific insecticides. Exterminators will communicate to the home or business owner whether people and pets can safely remain in the home or commercial building during and after the treatment.

  • #3 We Identify Causes and Entry Points
    Pest control professionals don’t just determine what types of pests are present in the building and where they are located; they also figure out how they are getting in. Exterminators can help business owners and homeowners better secure their properties to keep pests out in the future and protect their property.
  • #4 Professional Pest Control = Better Success Rate
    Because exterminators have access to the most effective products and the experience and knowledge needed to best deal with infestations, consumers have a much better chance of having pests completely exterminated.
  • #5 Hiring an Exterminator can be Cost-Saving
    Even though professional pest control services cost more than DIY products, many homeowners and business owners end up having to try multiple products before they’re able to be successful. While you may have short term results the combined cost of all of these products often comes close to the cost of hiring a professional.
  • #6 We provide Prevention & Ongoing Maintenance Support
    Pest Control Professionals and exterminators have the knowledge and experience to recommend when and what maintenance services are needed to keep pests from returning, making it possible to keep homes and businesses free of the pests.

Pest Control Technicians can provide information and support needed to keep a home or business safe and free of pests in the future.

Mathis Technicians serving Kenmore WA:

Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor
Service Technician
Service Areas: King County


Mathis Exterminating – Kenmore WA

Pest Control & Extermination Services for these pests:

Mathis Exterminating norway rat


Mathis Exterminating wolf spider


Mathis Exterminating american cockroach


Mathis Exterminating carpenter ant


Mathis Exterminating roof rat

Rats & Mice

Mathis Exterminating wasp

Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Mathis Exterminating honey bee

Honey Bees

Mathis Exterminating drywood termite


Mathis Exterminating bed bug

Bed Bugs

Mathis Exterminating mosquito

Mosquitos & Gnats

Mathis Exterminating silverfish


Mathis Exterminating flea


Mathis Exterminating tick


Mathis Exterminating sowbugs pillbugs

Sowbugs & Pillbugs

Mathis Exterminating stink bug

Stink Bugs

Mathis Exterminating cricket


Mathis Exterminating centipede


Mathis Exterminating earwig


Mathis Exterminating millipede


Mathis Exterminating carpet beetle

Carpet Beetles

Mathis Exterminating – Commercial

Whether your facility is large or small, Mathis Exterminating can handle any commercial pest control problems.

Commercial Pest Control Kenmore WA
Mathis Exterminating


Mathis Exterminating hotel


Mathis Exterminating retail

Retail / Office Spaces

Mathis Exterminating

Property Management

Mathis Exterminating hospital

Health Care Facilities

We Provide Pest Control Service for these pests:

  • Rodent Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Mosquito Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Flea Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Spider Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Bed Bug Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Termite Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Cockroach Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Rat Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Cricket Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Tick Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Gnat Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Silverfish Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Wasp Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Ant Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Beetle Pest Control Kenmore WA

And Many More!

Commercial Pest Control Kenmore WA

  • Restaurant Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Property Management Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Hospitality / Hotel Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Retail Pest Control Kenmore WA
  • Health Care Pest Control Kenmore WA