Go Green With Mathis


Green Pest Control

At Mathis Exterminating, we value the environment. That is why we use environmentally friendly “green” alternatives to traditional pest prevention and pest control products. All of the products that we use are researched extensively to ensure that they are safe and effective. You will get maximum results with minimum impact to the environment, as well as other members of your household—including your pets. We start with the exterior of your property where problems with pests and rodents typically manifest. If there is an infestation inside your home, we will take the time to carefully inspect the area and determine the best way to treat the problem using innovative yet conservative methods.


What types of green pest control products do you use?

The chemical sprays that were once considered standard in the industry are no longer used by our company. Instead, Mathis Exterminating uses premium, environmentally friendly products such as baits and gels with low odor residuals for pest prevention and control.

Is it expensive to treat like this?

You may think that using natural pest control products will be more expensive, but it actually is not. In fact, you will find that the prices of our pest control programs are very competitive with other pest control companies that still use traditional chemical sprays and methods. You will also find that we provide additional inspection time in our prices along with premium products. We provide the most comprehensive services and treatments to keep your pest control problems at bay.

Is it family friendly?

We not only value the safety of the environment, but also that of you and your family. That is why we choose green products that are non-hazardous to your health. Your safety is our primary concern. Our environmentally friendly approach to pest prevention and control is GUARANTEED to be one of the most effective methods of extermination available. Contact us today to see what a difference our green approach to pest control can make!

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