Restaurant Pest Control Services


Commercial Environmental Services: Restaurants & Bars

If you own a bar or a restaurant, then you are determined to provide an environment that is pest-free and clean for the enjoyment of your customers. If you want your customers to keep returning to your establishment then you must offer a pleasant dining experience. The last thing you want is for a pest to appear in your bar or restaurant, and leave an unforgettable negative impression on your customers. Not only can pests leave a bad impression, but they can also spread dangerous food-borne illnesses via the pathogens that they carry. If pests are seen at your place of business, you could be issued fines or citations. Even worse, your place of business could be shut down by the health department because of pest infestations.

Here at Mathis Exterminating we have the technicians and the skills necessary to take care of your pest infestations without compromising your adherence to health regulations. We know it is important to prevent pests as well as to eliminate them, which makes our top-notch pest control system more successful. We are so confident in our pest control program that we guarantee effective results.