Pest Impact on your Business


What You Need to Know

As a business owner you are most likely aware of the many problems that can be caused by pest infestations, including lowered employee morale, loss of profits, and possibly even legal repercussions. However, even more damaging than all of these negative outcomes is the threat of detrimental publicity as a direct result of pest problems at your place of business. One isolated negative event involving your customers and one or more pests can quickly be plastered all over the internet before the day is over. Negative information can be quickly spread by word of mouth, via twitter accounts, on blogs and networking sites, and even through published media or the evening news. Perhaps the worst thing about negative publicity via the internet is that once it is written it becomes permanently engraved in history and can indefinitely damage the reputation of your business. Your business name could become permanently tied to an unfortunate event involving one or more pests. This is a situation that should be avoided at all costs.

Not only is a pest infestation likely to destroy your company’s hard-earned reputation, but it can also cost a significant amount of damage to your products and your building structure. Each year, rats are responsible for more than 20 billion dollars’ worth of property damage. Additionally, they also contaminate 200 billion dollars’ worth of food on an annual basis. Rats will chew on almost anything they come in contact with, including insulation, drywall, wiring, and product containers. They are also constantly defecating and urinating on anything in their path, while spreading diseases and infestation wherever they go. This risk of physical contamination and disease can not only result in lower employee efficiency and morale, but it can also result in regulatory and legal repercussions that can cost you a significant amount of money or can even force you to close your business. Because you are a business owner, you can unfortunately be held liable for any problem that occurs on your business property, even if you were unaware of the issue.