Residential Pest Control Services in Seattle

A pest infestation is a terrible thing for any homeowner or renter to go through, as pests can cause structural damage, infest your food supply, and even spread disease throughout the home. Pests are usually very difficult to get rid of as well, and even after some treatments they can linger in your home. If you have a pest problem that will not go away, contacting a professional pest control Seattle service is your best option for a solution. A pest control expert offers many services that can get your residence back to how it should be: pest free.

Fast Response

When you have a pest problem, you want to get that problem solved as soon as you can. If you try to handle the treatments yourself, you could be stuck with the pests for a long time. A professional pest control service will respond in a timely manner and get right to work on inspecting and treating your home so you can return to your normal daily routine.


The first step to any pest control treatment is the initial inspection. A pest control technician will inspect every area of your home to ensure he or she can get a full picture of the problems you are experiencing. Many times, if you see a pest out and about, there are many more that you are not seeing.   A proper inspection allows a full picture to be realized, and then the best treatment strategy can be used to ensure the pests are dealt with accordingly.


The treatment methods depend entirely on the pests involved. After the inspection, a pest control professional will work directly with you to determine your treatment options. Once you both have decided what the best method will be, the pest control professional will perform the treatment. There are a variety of treatments that may be utilized, from green pest control methods to more traditional treatments. It depends on your current pest situation, as well as the type of pest involved. You have to treat rodents differently from termites, for example. Your exterminator will know the best methods available to you.