A Conclusive Pest Control Approach for You

In property ownership, a big fear may be pest infestations. Pests can come in all forms: annoying ants, deadly spiders, destructive termites, disgusting bed bugs and rodents, dangerous bees and wasps among many others. Reliable pest control services strive to give you a long-lasting solution because this problem can be recurring which makes it even more frustrating.

While there are many pest control solutions out there, efficiency, speed, quality and cost are some of the considerations you need to use when hiring. Here is a staged procedure that credible exterminators use.

  • Pest inspection and identification: One of the major weaknesses of DIY techniques is the failure to identify and treat the pest properly. With a professional pest control service, you will enjoy the advantage of resources, skills and equipment to identify exactly how the pest will be controlled.
  • Control: Having identified the pest, the actual control comes in. Exterminators have an array of options including mechanical ones such as traps. Baits are also commonly used in areas of activity.
  • Exclusion: After a successful treatment, there is a need to ensure that the infestation does not recur. It is one of the crucial parts of effective pest control solutions. All entries and accesses where pests can get into your home need to be sealed permanently and any environment that might encourage recurrence needs also to be addressed.
  • Monitoring: The advantage of using professionals is that they have a reputation to protect and as part of the ongoing maintenance program will continue to keep monitoring for activity after the work is done to ensure no problems recur.

A good pest control company will understand and follow these four rules to proper pest management techniques.

The 4 Levels of Pest Control

  • Exclusion & Access Denial:  Determining how pests are entering and sealing up those areas.
  • Habitat & Harborage Modification: Making areas undesirable for pests by addressing the conducive conditions that are promoting an infestation.
  • Physical & Mechanical Control: The use traps, Vacuums, Monitors, caulking, etc.
  • Limited use of Pesticides: Using the least toxic approach to solve the current pest problem.

With this approach to pest control you will have a comfortable home to live in, without any uninvited guests.