A Brief Overview Of Green Pest Control

Green pest control
is a method or strategy that focuses on finding the source of the pest issue, and solving it with the least toxic product available.  Traditional pest control relies heavily on pesticide use to solve the issue.  Green Pest Control, requires an individual to be very knowledgeable of the pests that we share the environment with.  With that knowledge in place we will be looking for the source of the pest (access, harborage areas, food source, conducive conditions) and ways to limit those.


Many different methods are utilized with green pest control. Use of traps, baits, gels, caulking, vacuums and other eco-friendly products to control pests while limiting the damage to the environment. Today’s baits and gels are equipped with low odor, excellent residuals and are just as effective as the baits of yesterday. Other methods can include Exclusion, which is to deny pest access. Habitat and harborage modification, making areas undesirable for pests. Mechanical and physical controls, which is the use of traps, monitors, vacuums. And lastly, limited pesticide use when threshold levels are exceeded.


Many people may think that using green pest control will be more expensive, but when you really look at how Green pest control focuses on the source to solve pest problems, it actually cuts down the need for ongoing pest sprays, which in turn saves you money.


By using green pest control as an option, you can have peace of mind that your property is not being over exposed to pesticides on a continual cycle.  The habitat modifications we recommend, can give your land a more even and harmonious feel, while eliminating the conducive conditions that are promoting pest problems.

If the environment is a concern of yours and you wish to hire a pest control service, rest assured that green pest control methods exist and are just as effective as traditional chemical treatments with the peace of mind you deserve.