How To Avoid A Beetle Infestation

If you have a lot of stored grain products and other dry foods, you run a greater risk of attracting a beetle infestation. These beetles are often called pantry pests, as they will set up shop in your food, have their population explode, and then infest the rest of your house before you know it. Beetles of all types will typically get into your home through outside means, such as openings in your windows or doors. They will look for food outside and then get into the stored food inside your home. If you do get a beetle infestation, contact a professional who can help with pest control in Tacoma. However, there are tactics you can take to prevent them from coming inside.

Seal Your Food

The best thing you can do if you have stored foods is ensure they are all sealed in durable glass or plastic containers. The cardboard boxes these foods usually come inside are easily infiltrated by beetles of all types and will become infested quickly. Also, with these containers, an infestation will be limited to only one, as it is difficult for a beetle to get into multiple tough containers.

Clean Spilled Food Quickly

You will rarely have a problem with a beetle infestation if you do not let spilled food remain exposed and clean up spills soon after they happen. Cleanliness goes a long way in keeping many different pests away, and beetles are no different. Clean up spills so you don’t have anything attracting them to your home.

Proper Pet Food Storage

Many people with pets forget that their pet food is prime real estate for many different pests. A beetle infestation can easily start in one of your pet food bags, especially if drugstore beetles are involved in any way. Pay very close attention to your storing methods for pet food, as it will need to be kept safe and sealed away when you are not using it.

Locate the Source

If you do notice a beetle infestation going on, try to locate the source of the problem as soon as you can. By cutting off the source right away, you can limit the damage and keep costs to a minimum. Thoroughly check your storage areas for any sign of trouble, and if you have even the slightest suspicion that a beetle has gotten in, throw out the contained item. It is always better to be safe than sorry.